The Rapp Dems’ Annual Dog Days of Summer Yard Sale, Labor Day Weekend, 2015!


The Rappahannock County Democrats’ Annual Dog Days of Summer Yard Sale will be held at the Washington Fire Hall (10 Firehouse Lane, Washington, VA) over Labor Day Weekend, September 5 & 6.  Call 540-454-0547 for more information or if you need the Rappahannock County Democrats to pick up your donations.

Yard Sale Hours: Saturday, September 5, 7:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.Sunday, September 6, 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Item Drop Off Times: Thursday, September 3, 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. & Friday, September 4,  12:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.


Upcoming Rappahannock County Democrats Meeting

The Rappahannock County Democratic Committee (RCDC) will meet on Tuesday, August 4, at 7 p.m. at the Rappahannock County Library (4 Library Road, Washington, VA). Meetings are open to the general public.


Stop by “The Tent” on the 4th!

Stop by the Rappahannock County Democrats’ Tent at Sperryville’s 4th of July celebration. There will be food and drinks (alcoholic and nonalcoholic) to enjoy. Plus, State Senate candidate April Moore will be there!


July 4th Fun – Join us


Please call or email Sharon Kilpatrick (540-547-4407, rappedit[at] if you can join in on the fun at the Sperryville Fire Departments’ July 4th celebration by greeting the public from the Rappahannock County Democrats’ hospitality tent. Also call her if you plan to contribute a dessert. Please help make the Dems’ tent festive and inviting! State Senate candidate April Moore will be there!



Want to be in a parade?


Jed Duvall is organizing the Rappahannock County Democrats’ presence at the Amissville Fire Department’s Parade on June 25.

Please contact Jed (540-522-9216) with your contributions of time and effort with the float.

Thanks very much in advance for your help.


Come hear April Moore address climate change, June 17


Come hear April Moore, candidate for state senate, address climate change and what must be done about it here in Virginia.

Part of what must be done, she will tell the press and the public, is to unseat the incumbent senator from the 26th district, Mark Obenshain, and elect her instead.

In a talk entitled “For Our Grandchildren,” Ms. Moore will explain how Mr. Obenshain and those he is serving have shown a willingness to sacrifice our children’s and grandchildren’s future for their own short-term profit and advantage. Ms. Moore will describe how the growing problem of Big Money in our politics is a key reason Mr. Obenshain uses his office to help block responsible action on climate change.

Come hear April Moore explain how the Golden Rule demonstrates how important it is that we replace politicians like Mark Obenshain, who has treated our children’s and grandchildren’s future with reckless disregard, with people like her —whose love of her grandchildren and of this planet, has inspired her to jump into the political arena, to stand up for American democracy and for the lives of our children and grandchildren.

Please come.  A strong turnout will send a strong message.  Help show the press and the public that there are a great many people in this district who insist that Virginia’s General Assembly act to protect our climate!

When:   Wednesday, June 17, 11:00 am

Where:  Harrisonburg, Rockingham County government building, 20 East Gay Street, board room


Facebook:    April Moore for State Senate


Thanks from Ross

Many people assisted to make last Sunday’s fundraiser a success, not the least of these were those who contributed the excellent dishes and trays of a variety of foods. More than one attendee asked me who we had cater the dinner. I was proud to tell them it was a voluntary effort.

Please join me in thanking the following:

Gwen Bates who organized the whole thing

Pattly Hardee who also organized the whole thing

Jed Duvall

Barbara Adofhi and Ray Boc

Barbara Dennis

Sharon Kilpatrick

Hi Soo Heppinstall and Larry

Tom Reid

Fran Krebser

Francie Schroeder

Linda Dietel

Jan Makela

Greg and Christie Ludlow

Many others helped along the way in organizing and publicizing the event. Everyone seemed to have a good time, enjoyed the speeches and almost as importantly, we raised $1100 for the use of the Committee.

Ross O’Donoghue, RCDC Chair


A Spring Gathering at Gadino Cellars, Sunday, May 24, 6:30 p.m.



Madison County Democratic Committee’s Founder’s Day Dinner, May 14

The Madison County Democrats’ Founders Dinner is on Thursday, May 14th at the Antioch Baptist Church in Madison. For more information, contact the Madison County Democrats at


A Letter from April Moore, Candidate, Virginia Senate, District 26

Dear Fellow Democrat:
april-mooreI believe that, together, you and I can accomplish something important with my campaign against Mark Obenshain.If you will come and show the flag at my upcoming press conference in Harrisonburg on April 28, you will hear my vision for what this campaign can accomplish. And you will help us on our way to accomplishing it.Who represents this district in the Virginia State Senate is important, but the stakes are actually much higher.

It is vitally important that Mark Obenshain not become Virginia’s Scott Walker—see what my husband Andy Schmookler has written about this on Daily Kos at,. But the stakes are, in fact, even larger still.

For, in fact, Mark Obenshain is the perfect representative of the Big Money Power that is not only picking the pockets of average Virginians but is also stealing the gift our Founders gave us—a free society whose government is not only of, but for and by the people as well.

Mark Obenshain is part of the reason that our state is ranked one of the most corruptible in the nation. He is serving Dominion Power and other fossil fuel companies. He’s helped take hundreds of millions of dollars out of the pockets of average Virginians to put into the coffers of Dominion Power and other fossil fuel companies. And he’s voted to protect our government’s system of corruption. (Click on my website to see the speech with which I launched my campaign against Obenshain )

But Obenshain’s service to Big Money Power is even worse than that. In our times, Big Money has moved from just picking our pockets to a deep and long-term plan to change America into a fundamentally different kind of society. Big Money organizations like ALEC are now writing our laws, and Mark Obenshain is helping them do it. The Koch Brothers are degrading America’s democracy like no one ever has before. And they’ve picked Mark Obenshain as their guy.

So, in running against Mark Obenshain, I am running against the perfect symbol of everything we the people need to defeat. And to defeat him and the power behind him, we the people, liberals and conservatives alike, must set aside our differences and unite against the power that Mark Obenshain serves. If we can succeed in this effort, we can show the country that the people can come together to take back the power that has been stolen from us.

That is the great opportunity we have in this campaign. Across America, “We the people” must unite to protect our democracy. But especially here in the 26th District — which as you know is 2:1 Republican — our success will depend on our reaching out to people on the other side.

That is the effort I will launch, when I reach out to conservatives as well as liberals on April 28, with a brief talk titled “The First Duty of a Patriot.” “First duty” because everything else depends on preserving the great achievement of our Founders. “First duty” because what the likes of Obenshain are stealing from us is the essence of what America is about.

Mark Obenshain has already shown that his campaign against me will be based on the usual tactic of the Big Money Power—to divide the people against each other by making this a Liberal versus Conservative race.

Come join me on Tuesday, April 28, to show that in the battle between the people and Big Money, the people can rise to the occasion.

Time: 11:00 am

Place: Rockingham County Administration building, board room, 20 E. Gay Street, Harrisonburg

April Moore Candidate, Virginia Senate district 26