Join us for a canvassing launch, June 24

The Rappahannock County Democrats are partnering with the Leslie Cockburn campaign for canvassing for the 2018 election. There’s an upcoming canvassing launch on June 24. Please plan to join Nick and other area Democrats for this launch. For more information contact Nick Steele at or Mary-Sherman Willis at Message from Nick is below:

I wanted to give you a heads up that our field team has identified a few locations around the district to do some preliminary canvassing on June 24th.  We are especially interested in launching in Rappahannock.  The plan is to recruit for a 9 am and 12 pm canvass on Sunday June 24th to launch from 1047 Zachary Taylor Hwy, Huntley, VA.  The objective of this canvass is to test our canvassing systems and to begin to ID voters.  We would love your support that day as we want to make sure our efforts are coordinated.  Please let me know if you’d be interested in participating and if you have any feedback for our team before we begin to recruit.


The Rapp Dems are marching again!

Come join Leslie Cockburn and the Rappahannock Dems in the big parade on Thursday June 28 at 6 p.m.

We’ll start to assemble at 5 pm at the Amissville Firehouse (14711 Lee Hwy, Amissville, VA), where you can park your car. There will be a carnival set up right next door, so you can’t miss it.

Once you get there, just walk down the parade line until you find our float—a truck pulling a haywagon, with balloons and signs for Leslie and Tim Kaine and the RCDC. There will be lots of people wearing blue polo shirts.

If you can’t or prefer not to walk, there will be a shuttle from the parking place to our spot. You can also ride on the wagon. The parade takes off at 6 pm and will last about an hour.

We’ll have a blue shirt for you. Kids are warmly welcome. For more information email RCDC Chair Mary-Sherman Willis or call 540/987-8912.



My name is Greg Ludlow and I am requesting your help in carrying out the door to door County-wide canvassing campaign in Rappahannock County in Fall 2018 for Democratic candidate Leslie Cockburn, who is running against the incumbent Republican Tom Garrett in the Virginia 5th District Congressional Race and Tim Kaine who is the incumbent Democratic Senator in the Virginia Congressional Senate Race. Given the importance of these two elections for Democrats, in the first case because Democrats need to win 23 seats in The House of Representatives to take back the House and two seats to take back the Senate we are seeking canvassing volunteers in our door to door canvassing campaign in our bid to elect Democratic candidates to office and keep not only Virginia Blue but take back the U.S.House and Senate for the Democratic Party. There are 6 Precincts in Rappahannock County (Amissville, Flint Hill, Chester Gap, Sperryville, Scrabble-Castleton, and Washington) but since we normally combine Flint Hill with Chester Gap as the latter is quite small we would need at least 30 volunteers or 6 per Precinct or three teams of two volunteers per Precinct, preferably more as the more volunteers we have the less work it is for all. We usually start our canvassing campaign after Labor Day (September 3, 2018), as many people are away over the prior summer months, until just before Election Day (November 6, 2018), a total of 9 weeks. However, with three teams in each Precinct sharing the targeted number of houses in each Precinct, volunteers would only be required to canvass for approximately half of those 9 weeks, including possible revisiting of houses where the residents were not at home, thus allowing for flexibility in personal scheduling. Again, the greater the number of volunteers we can recruit the less work for all. 

All volunteers would be placed in teams of at least two people and provided with the necessary materials, voter lists, candidate literature, maps etc. Only one car would be necessary, as some of the locations are not like in urban or suburban areas literally next door to one another, hence we drive much more than we walk which is a lot less tiring than canvassing in large urban or suburban areas. This is an enjoyable experience where you get to meet people face to face, and, as several studies have shown and from my own personal experience, a more effective and personalized way of getting out the vote. We will be holding an information meeting prior to canvassing in late August  when volunteers will be provided with individual packets of materials such as voter lists, maps etc., and the necessary literature on the candidates for distribution to voters. At that same information meeting we will be inviting our 5th District Candidate, Leslie Cockburn who is a resident of Rappahannock County, and Julie Emery to discuss campaign issues and canvassing strategies with canvassers.   

If you are interested in canvassing to elect Democratic candidates to office, please contact me by e-mail ( or by phone (540) 937-3007 and give me your contact information (e-mail; phone #; address) and preferred Canvassing Precinct e.g. Amissville,  Flint Hill-Chester Gap, Washington, Sperryville or Scrabble (Castleton) by June 15, 2018, so as to give us time to organize the canvassing campaign County-wide. We will do our very best to fit you in to your preferred choice of Precinct.  

Thank you for your kind consideration of the above request. If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

Greg Ludlow, Rappahannock County Democratic Committee, MAY 25, 2018 


State GOP Smears Leslie Cockburn

Moments after Leslie was named the 5th District nominee, the Virginia Republican Party started  in on some GOP name-calling.

Based on a review (!) of Dangerous Liaison, her 1991 book investigating the Israeli lobby’s outsized influence on American foreign policy, they’ve tagged her “a virulent anti-Semite.”

Not so, say two experts, Lowell Feld and David T.S. Jonas. They write, “… we can say in full confidence—having been the apparently rare people in Virginia politics to have actually read the whole book—that not a single passage attributable to Andrew or Leslie Cockburn in “Dangerous Liaison” is even remotely anti-Semitic.

Read their comments here.



On May 5, the Rappahannock delegation traveled to Farmville to attend the Nominating Convention. Delegation chair Ron Goodman and delegates Kit Goldfarb, Steph Ridder, Betsy Dietel, with alternates Heidi Lesinski and Cliff Miller, were joined by RCDC committee members to vote local candidate LESLIE COCKBURN the nominee! It was inspiring!

In her acceptance speech, Cockburn remembered what civil rights icon Congressman John Lewis had said to her about running for office: “You are a leader. Now go home and lead!”

“You are all leaders,” she said to the crowd. “Now go home and lead!”

And so, off we go to defeat Tom Garrett in November!





CDP 0422 5th Dems 64.JPG

An exciting week of caucuses with record-breaking participation resulted last Saturday in 140 pledged delegates and a win for Leslie Cockburn’s campaign!

Congratulations to all!

The caucus process took the concerted effort of local committees in the 23 towns and counties in the 5th District, including Rappahannock. The turnout was unprecedented. We now have a network of over 4,000 caucus participants throughout the district to build on in a campaign to unseat Republican Tom Garrett. Let’s pull together and make it happen!

Hope to see you at the Convention on May 5 in Farmville!