RCDC member Ralph Bates submitted this message, which he emailed to many of his friends.

Good people,

I have no way of knowing to what extent you are engaged in the upcoming election.  While Tip O’Neill provided wisdom with his statement “all politics is local”, I think this year “that is so last week” – to quote this generation.  This year it is about national issues and ideologies that transcend the local scene.  If you don’t think so, I can tell you that the media market we watch has raised the “local” issues to posing a choice between the “progressive and socialistic” policies of this “big government administration” and the “common sense conservatism” and return to the foundation of “our constitution”.  This is being acknowledged by many political commentators.

So they want to “take back America”.  And they will if we all don’t get energized more than we were in 2008.  The party of “no” has benefitted from the Supreme Court ruling that allows unlimited funds to go into the campaign process and their is no disclosure of those money sources.  That was blocked by the Republicans just last week.   So they are better funded and more focused (again) than the liberals and progressives; many of whom are discouraged that Barack didn’t do as much, go as far, as fast as we so unrealistically may have expected of him.  The PACs and new conservative front organizations, with names that tear at your heart strings, have gotten, by some estimates, 20 times more money than the unions and other Democratic supporters have put forward.  Did anyone ever think (certainly not the Supreme Court) that this would end up being a “fair way” to conduct democracy?  Wall Street, the financial industry, health insurance companies, and the big Corporations and the Kock Brothers simply have more money.

We should be as angry and frightened as the Tea Partiers are!!!

If you are in a district where your Democratic Congressman/woman is in jeopardy, I urge you – if you aren’t – to get involved and/or send money.  For those of us who don’t face this problem, I urge you to send money to organizations like Obama for America or Move On.

We have and we will send more.

Thanks for reading this, Ralph