American Politics 2016:

What’s Going on and Where Are We Heading?

Come talk with Andy Schmookler: a Q & A session

at 7:00 PM on Wednesday, June 8

in the Music Room at the Simms Center

620 Simms Ave in Harrisonburg

Andy has been investigating America’s increasingly troubling political dynamics for more than a decade. He was the Democratic nominee for Congress here in the 6th District in 2012. His opinion pieces appear regularly in newspapers across the District (including Harrisonburg’s DNR).

Andy will say a few words, and then take questions from the audience on the following topics:

  • the 2016 presidential race;
  • the state of American politics generally; and
  • ideas presented in his newly-published book, “WHAT WE’RE UP AGAINST”

The event is free and open to the public. Come and create a lively interaction.

For background:

For a sample of Andy’s thinking about American politics in 2016, check out “Trump’s Rise: Not Just a Threat but an Opportunity”.

To find out about Andy’s new book, take a look at the Amazon page for “WHAT WE’RE UP AGAINST.” .