Andy Schmookler on Bob Goodlatte’s Budget Amendment: “Amendment would cripple government, devastate Americans”

The Roanoke Times recently asked 6th district Democratic congressional candidate Andy Schmookler to write a rebuttal to congressman Bob Goodlatte’s balanced budget amendment. In the piece ( he characterizes Goodlatte’s amendment as a “bad idea offered in bad faith.”

Some excerpts:

Goodlatte’s rules would mean inevitable cuts to Social Security and Medicare — programs seniors rely upon for security and dignity.

Modern economics tells us that the smart way for the federal government to be fiscally responsible is to lean against the business cycle — against the ups and downs of boom and bust. That means running a surplus during boom years and running deficits during bust years.

The problem is not that America is running deficits now. The real problem is that in the years of economic growth before the financial crisis, when we should have been running surpluses, the Republicans almost doubled the national debt…Goodlatte gave his full support to all that.

We don’t need the crippled government that Goodlatte’s amendment would give us. We need government that works again for the people…

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