Blue State Bluegrass Brunch 2015




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    Since Halloween is close, I thought you might like to see a cute little butterfly who knows how to count to one. Or maybe she is telling us how old she is. This is great-gniece #1 She’s almost 20 months old

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    Questo commento è stato appena pubblicato in tedesco e in italiano sulla nostra (ex) pagina di facebook :“Noi Impossessate l’Amministrazione di questo gruppo offensivo per le donne e per le persone intelligenti. Chiediamo a che tutte le donne qui essere consapevoli di disponibile per evitare le aderenze superficiale”.E’ evidente, a questo punto, che non si tratta di un provocatore isolato.Fabrizio

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    Is it possible to communicate directly with the product developers?(perhaps by means of video?)Do you ever reply to comments? (That's where the whole INTERactive thing might live up to its name.)

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    Hallo Anna, vielen Dank für dein Kommentar! Das stimmt natürlich, sie ist Finnin…sie lebt aber im Moment in Stockholm..aber wir müssen korrekt bleiben…es ist ein finnischer Blog;) Vielleicht hast du als Halbfinnin auch noch ein paar skandinavische Modetipps;)

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    Watch this space! I’ll post links here or by email, so if you subscribe to this blog, you’ll be notified when the next one comes out.I haven’t actually set up a proper blogging platform for the CTO Network blog, so you can’t subscribe there yet, but I’ll get that done asap.

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