(Charlottesville, VA – January 25, 2016) Effective this morning, Democrat Ericke Cage announced that he has withdrawn his candidacy for Virginia’s 5th district congressional seat. Jane Dittmar, immediate past chair of the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors, remains and is now the only Democratic candidate in the race.

“We thank Ericke Cage for his dedicated work as an educator, a public servant, and as a candidate in this campaign. Ericke and I have been in touch while he was making his decision and again this morning before his announcement and we thank him for keeping us informed,” said Dittmar. “While we knew all along that there could only be one Democratic nominee, our motives and ideas were not in competition. We have both been working to improve economic opportunity and education and to advocate for everyone in our 5th district – regardless of location or economic status. We will collectively work to unite the democrats throughout the district.”

“Ericke’s positions on high quality education and economic equality align well with our platform, but require the establishment of a strong foundation – improved workforce training, expanded Internet access, and job growth. High quality education requires access to reliable Internet from home and in schools. Economic equality for all residents means that individuals must have the necessary workforce training to get good jobs and those jobs then need to exist in all corners of the district. Building an economically prosperous 5th district starts with infrastructure and access in all 10,000+ square miles of the district and we will continue to do the necessary work to strengthen the heart of Virginia.”

Dittmar’s campaign has opened an operations center in downtown Charlottesville and has made hires for finance, volunteer organization, communications, campaign management, and field operations.

Friends of Jane Dittmar
PO Box 974
Charlottesville VA 22902 United States

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