This is a request for your help in carrying out the door to door Countywide canvassing campaign in Rappahannock County for our Democratic candidates: Leslie Cockburn, who is running against her Republican challenger, Denver Riggleman, in the Virginia 5th District Congressional Race; and Tim Kaine, our incumbent Democratic Senator, against his Republican opponent, Corey Stewart.

This mid-term election is crucial to a Blue Wave to take back the House and Senate. Democrats need to win 23 seats in the US House of Representatives to take back the House. We need to preserve our two Senate seats to take back the Senate. And we need to turn Rappahannock Blue!

The RCDC is recruiting volunteers to knock on doors throughout Rappahannock’s six precincts (Amissville, Flint Hill, Chester Gap, Sperryville Scrabble-Castleton and Washington). The greater number of volunteers, the less work it is for everybody. And it’s fun and informative! You get to meet your neighbors face to face and find out what they think. As several studies have shown (and from my own personal experience), it’s a more effective and personalized way of getting out the vote.

This year we are working closely with the Cockburn and Kaine campaigns to knock on doors. If you are interested in canvassing, please contact Leslie Cockburn’s Rappahannock County Campaign Coordinator, Nick Steele, ( Please give him your contact information (e-mail; phone #; address) and preferred Canvassing Precinct as listed above.

We now have a new Rappahannock campaign office at 1047 Zachary Taylor Hwy. Huntley, VA, just past Flint Hill, and next to the Wakefield School. For the rest of the year, we’ll be meeting and coordinating there, starting this Sunday, June 24, with a canvassing launch at 9 am. There will be coffee and snacks, we’ll brainstorm a little, and then hit the streets. Come join us!

Thank you for your kind consideration of the above request. If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Nick Steele.

Greg Ludlow, Rappahannock County Democratic Committee, June 19, 2018



On May 5, the Rappahannock delegation traveled to Farmville to attend the Nominating Convention. Delegation chair Ron Goodman and delegates Kit Goldfarb, Steph Ridder, Betsy Dietel, with alternates Heidi Lesinski and Cliff Miller, were joined by RCDC committee members to vote local candidate LESLIE COCKBURN the nominee! It was inspiring!

In her acceptance speech, Cockburn remembered what civil rights icon Congressman John Lewis had said to her about running for office: “You are a leader. Now go home and lead!”

“You are all leaders,” she said to the crowd. “Now go home and lead!”

And so, off we go to defeat Tom Garrett in November!





CDP 0422 5th Dems 64.JPG

An exciting week of caucuses with record-breaking participation resulted last Saturday in 140 pledged delegates and a win for Leslie Cockburn’s campaign!

Congratulations to all!

The caucus process took the concerted effort of local committees in the 23 towns and counties in the 5th District, including Rappahannock. The turnout was unprecedented. We now have a network of over 4,000 caucus participants throughout the district to build on in a campaign to unseat Republican Tom Garrett. Let’s pull together and make it happen!

Hope to see you at the Convention on May 5 in Farmville!


Day One of the 5th District Caucuses

Rappahannock’s caucus on Saturday April 14 at the Washington Schoolhouse was among the first of 23 happening from April 14 to 21. Our results: 3 delegates and two alternates for Leslie Cockburn, and one delegate for RD Huffstetler. The Rappahannock delegation goes to the Convention in Farmville on May 5th. Seven down, and 16 to go!

Read about it here!