You’re invited to a special Culpeper County Democrats meeting, February 27

February 27th Culpeper Dems meeting.

February 27th, 7 p.m. at 102 North Main St. Culpeper (A.P. Hill building on the corner of Main and Davis in downtown Culpeper).

Guest Speaker – Andrew Patrick from Virginians for Responsible Gun Laws

7:30 – Movie – Inequality for All by Robert Reich

Inequality for All is a 2013 documentary film directed by Jacob Kornbluth. The film examines widening income inequality in the United States. The film is presented by American economist, author and professor Robert Reich.

9:00 – Conference call with Robert Reich.

Refreshments, including beer and wine, will be served.

The Culpeper County Democrats hope you will join them for a nice evening of conversation, good company and motivation.

Also, you all also invited to join their rural committees group called Blue Ridge Piedmont Democrats to share information and possibly combine events to have a greater presence in the area.


Andy Schmookler on Bob Goodlatte’s Budget Amendment: “Amendment would cripple government, devastate Americans”

The Roanoke Times recently asked 6th district Democratic congressional candidate Andy Schmookler to write a rebuttal to congressman Bob Goodlatte’s balanced budget amendment. In the piece ( he characterizes Goodlatte’s amendment as a “bad idea offered in bad faith.”

Some excerpts:

Goodlatte’s rules would mean inevitable cuts to Social Security and Medicare — programs seniors rely upon for security and dignity.

Modern economics tells us that the smart way for the federal government to be fiscally responsible is to lean against the business cycle — against the ups and downs of boom and bust. That means running a surplus during boom years and running deficits during bust years.

The problem is not that America is running deficits now. The real problem is that in the years of economic growth before the financial crisis, when we should have been running surpluses, the Republicans almost doubled the national debt…Goodlatte gave his full support to all that.

We don’t need the crippled government that Goodlatte’s amendment would give us. We need government that works again for the people…

For more information about Schmookler and his campaign, go to


Van Jones Launches “Rebuild the Dream” Movement

At the Rebuild the Dream launch in New York City on June 23, Van Jones listed four lies we’re being told by politicians and the media and he explains why they aren’t true.
1. We’re broke.
2. Asking the super rich to pay taxes hurts America’s economy.
3. Hating on America’s government, wrecking America’s infrastructure — is patriotic.
4. We’re helpless against Wall Street.

Jones also lays out a plan to return to America’s way of liberty and justice. Jones is a globally recognized, award-winning pioneer in human rights and the clean-energy economy.

For more information or to join the movement, go to


The American Auto Industry Saved

From Shenandoah County Democrat Tony Dorell:

Recent auto industry announcements:

5/19/11 – Chrysler announced it had repaid government loans of $7.6 billion.

5/19/11 – General Motors (GM) announced they would spend $2 billion to create 4,200 jobs in 18 plants in 8 states.

These announcements on top of some similar accomplishments in the past two years show that the auto industry has come back, will create and contribute to jobs, and be a key part of the economy all across the country. This is a big deal! The auto industry touches 3 million jobs.

How this happened:
+In 2008, with the auto industry facing financial disaster, the Republicans in Congress blocked a proposal for loans to the auto companies.
+Outgoing President Bush and President-elect Obama worked out a deal.  Bush would make the loans out of existing “bailout” funds, and Obama would implement a rescue program.