Van Jones Launches “Rebuild the Dream” Movement

At the Rebuild the Dream launch in New York City on June 23, Van Jones listed four lies we’re being told by politicians and the media and he explains why they aren’t true.
1. We’re broke.
2. Asking the super rich to pay taxes hurts America’s economy.
3. Hating on America’s government, wrecking America’s infrastructure — is patriotic.
4. We’re helpless against Wall Street.

Jones also lays out a plan to return to America’s way of liberty and justice. Jones is a globally recognized, award-winning pioneer in human rights and the clean-energy economy.

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Home Energy Efficiency: Audio and Slides

On Tuesday, April 5, Andrew Grigsby addressed the committee on the topic of Home Energy Efficiency and National Energy Policy.

Click here for the slides: Part 1 Part 2

Click here to listen to a recording of his talk.

Andrew manages Commonwealth Sustainability Works, a local consulting firm providing green building expertise to builders, homeowners,and designers, community planning services, and strategic planning for businesses.

“The vast majority of American homes are under-insulated, overly drafty, and have poorly performing mechanical equipment. Correcting these deficiencies presents an enormous opportunity for homeowner comfort and cost-savings, domestic job creation, national energy security, and environmental protection. The presentation will share the lessons of hundreds of home energy audits in multiple states. You may be surprised to learn what are the most cost-effective strategies for making homes healthier, greener, and more energy efficient. The implications for national policy and the economy are profound.” – Andrew Grigsby