Van Jones Launches “Rebuild the Dream” Movement

At the Rebuild the Dream launch in New York City on June 23, Van Jones listed four lies we’re being told by politicians and the media and he explains why they aren’t true. LIES: 1. We’re broke. 2. Asking the super rich to pay taxes hurts America’s economy. 3. Hating on America’s government, wrecking America’s infrastructure […]


Delegate Ward Armstrong announces Citizen’s Rights Legislation

Delegate Ward Armstrong today announced two pieces of legislation ensuring every Virginian’s right to petition their government freely and preserving every Virginian’s fundamental right to life, liberty and property.


Fairness and Justice Act

If you believe that all Virginians should have equal opportunity, fairness and justice, please become a citizen-sponsor of Senator Donald McEachin’s non-discrimination bill for the upcoming General Assembly Session in January.