Women’s rights

Get your free “Women for Obama” bumper sticker

Click here to get your free “Women for Obama” bumpersticker. As stated on www.barackobama.com, Pesident Obama stood up for women—from fighting for equal pay to protecting a woman’s right to choose and cracking down on gender discrimination in health care. Let everyone know you’ve got his back this November—get your free Women for Obama bumper […]


Virginia Joins the National Protest Against the War on Women’s Rights.

From the founder of UniteWomen.org, Karen Teegarden: Help defend women’s rights and pursuit of equality. Join Americans all across the United States on April 28th, 2012, as we come together as one to tell members of Congress in Washington DC and legislators in all 50 states, “Enough is enough!” Unite Women strongly supports diversity and […]


Virginia House GOP Pushes Divisive Social Agenda, Defies Governor’s Request Not to “Overreach”

Click Here to sign the petition to stop the war on women! A note from Mark Sickles, Democratic Caucus Chair: Tuesday was ‘Crossover’ at the General Assembly.  It was the last day for both the House and Senate to consider legislation introduced on their respective sides before ‘crossing the bill over’ to the other legislative […]