Letter: Retire Cantor, elect Waugh

The following letter from Fred Schaefer was submitted to the editor of the Rappahannock News:

This contentious election year has been dominated by loud and angry Tea Parties shouting about how their country was stolen from them in 2008 by that most heinous of criminal acts, a fair and free election. And if you are thinking of joining this mob on Election Day by casting your ballot for incumbent Republican Congressman Eric Cantor over Democratic challenger Rick Waugh, think again.



Letter to the Editor of the Rappahannock News

This letter was published in the Rappahannock News on September 16, 2010.

Respectfully Clarifying Mr. Hagstrom’s Invitation

In the spirit of local non-partisanship, fairness, and the wish to keep our membership informed, the Rappahannock County Democratic Committee invited the three candidates for Clerk of Court to introduce themselves to the thirty or so Rappahannock County voters who will attend our October 5 meeting at the library. Peggy Ralph and Lavonne Adkins accepted the invitation.  Paul Hagstrom did not. (more…)