Help kickstart a local food project

From Melissa Harris, editor of Flavor Magazine:

We know you love local food, and we know you love watching cooking shows on TV. Here’s a way you can combine both those passions.

Our dear friends John and Diane MacPherson, owners of a bed & breakfast in the rolling hills of Rappahannock County (also home to Flavor) are pioneers in the local food movement. And they’ve received a green light from PBS to launch “In Season” — a national cooking show featuring the champions of local, seasonal, and honest foods from across the country. But the MacPhersons need the funding to produce it.

They have just over two weeks left to raise the money on Kickstarter. A lot of local food heroes are pitching in, but we need your help too. The MacPhersons have set up a rewards program for different contribution levels (details here), including dinners and stays at their B&B (they’ll take any amount you can spare to spread the word). If they don’t get meet their fundraising goal, no credit cards will be charged. (And we hear from your pals at Red Truck Bakery that if  you donate $20 or more and forward Brian Noyes your confirmation note, he’ll give you a Red Truck Bakery baseball cap and a discount code for future orders.)

Help us put two of Virginia’s local food heroes on the national map (and national TV!)

Melissa Harris

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