Come hear April Moore, candidate for state senate, address climate change and what must be done about it here in Virginia.

Part of what must be done, she will tell the press and the public, is to unseat the incumbent senator from the 26th district, Mark Obenshain, and elect her instead.

In a talk entitled “For Our Grandchildren,” Ms. Moore will explain how Mr. Obenshain and those he is serving have shown a willingness to sacrifice our children’s and grandchildren’s future for their own short-term profit and advantage. Ms. Moore will describe how the growing problem of Big Money in our politics is a key reason Mr. Obenshain uses his office to help block responsible action on climate change.

Come hear April Moore explain how the Golden Rule demonstrates how important it is that we replace politicians like Mark Obenshain, who has treated our children’s and grandchildren’s future with reckless disregard, with people like her —whose love of her grandchildren and of this planet, has inspired her to jump into the political arena, to stand up for American democracy and for the lives of our children and grandchildren.

Please come.  A strong turnout will send a strong message.  Help show the press and the public that there are a great many people in this district who insist that Virginia’s General Assembly act to protect our climate!

When:   Wednesday, June 17, 11:00 am

Where:  Harrisonburg, Rockingham County government building, 20 East Gay Street, board room


Facebook:    April Moore for State Senate