Delegate Ward Armstrong announces Citizen’s Rights Legislation

Ward Armstrong

Ward Armstrong

Delegate Ward Armstrong today announced two pieces of legislation ensuring every Virginian’s right to petition their government freely and preserving every Virginian’s fundamental right to life, liberty and property.

“By electing us to represent them, Virginians put their trust in us that we will build a government that serves them efficiently and effectively without unduly getting in the way of their pursuit of the American dream,” said Armstrong. “Together these bills will give Virginians a more powerful voice when dealing with their government and help ensure that our state government continues to be the force for good that it has been for centuries.”

HB2110,  the “Landowner’s Rights Bill,”  provides that any restriction, change, or loss of access to or from property taken under the power of eminent domain be considered as an element in assessing damages for the purposes of determining just compensation.

HB2500, the “Citizen’s Bill of Rights,” is designed to 1) allow citizens to have a meaningful court review of adverse administrative agency decisions, 2) ensure the state will be able to pay damages to individual citizens when it injures them, and 3) strengthen citizen’s rights in condemnation cases-including the recovery of lawyer fees that a citizen has to pay to fight the state in such cases.

“I hope my colleagues in the General Assembly will consider and support these efforts to give our constituents greater input, access and power when interacting with state government,” said Armstrong. “We can always make government work better for the people who pay for it.”

A complete list of Delegate Armstrong’s legislation, along with descriptions, can be found on the Virginia General Assembly website at


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