If you missed it, you can view President Obama’s State of the Union address here. The enhanced viewing experience offers charts, graphs and other content that go along with the speech.

·         Just as we have to step up our game to renew America’s economic leadership, we must also reassert America’s leadership around the world.  Tonight, President Obama reviewed this Administration’s efforts to keep America safe; make our alliances stronger; and restore our standing in the world.

·         In Iraq, President Obama has kept his commitment by ending America’s combat mission and drawing troops down by 100,000 since he took office.  This year, America will complete the drawdown of American troops.  As President Obama said, the Iraq war is ending.

·         In Afghanistan, America has made progress in taking Taliban strongholds and training Afghan Security Forces.  There is hard fighting ahead, but we are ready to begin transitioning to an Afghan lead.  And President Obama reiterated that this July, American troops will start coming home.

·         Around the world, America has taken the fight to al Qaeda.  Al Qaeda’s leadership is under greater pressure than ever in Pakistan.  This Administration is securing America’s skies and cities.  And President Obama is continuing American efforts to defeat al Qaeda around the world.

·         President Obama reviewed his bold agenda to protect America from the threat of nuclear weapons, including the finalization of the new START Treaty, America’s work to secure all nuclear materials, and America’s success in imposing strong sanctions on Iran and North Korea.

·         Advancing an export agenda is also a part of President Obama’s foreign policy – through job-creating agreements with countries like China and India; as well as through trade agreements like the Korea FTA, which will support 70,000 U.S. jobs and which President Obama urged Congress to approve as quickly as possible.

·         In his State of the Union address, President Obama announced that he is going to travel to Brazil, Chile, and El Salvador in March – his first trip to South America.  That trip will be an important chance to strengthen the United States’ partnership in the Americas and will help to enhance our security and prosperity.

·         President Obama also talked about what sets America apart, especially our country’s commitment to the values of freedom and democracy.  Those values are evident in America’s support for a peaceful vote for independence in South Sudan.  And in a strong statement of support for the people of Tunisia.

·         President Obama also reiterated America’s unwavering support for the men and women who serve our country in uniform, as well as for their families.  The President is committed to ensuring they have the equipment they depend on when they’re in harm’s way; the care and benefits they’ve earned when they return home; and the opportunities that will empower American veterans to help rebuild our country.