It’s your time to help make the Country shine!

Do you want to serve your community and nation more in 2016? Do you want to do more than vote Democrat in the 2016 presidential election? Now’s your chance. The Rappahannock County Democratic Committee (RCDC) has openings for Secretary and Treasurer. Each term is two years (2016-2018). Either job won’t take a lot of time, but will have great impact.

So, what are you waiting for? Call the RCDC current secretary, Gwen Bates, 540-675-9987, or chair, Ross O’Donoghue, 540-987-8019, for more information or to nominate yourself (or nominate someone else, with their permission). Elections will take place during the RCDC Biennium Reorganization Caucus, January 9, 2015, to be held at the Washington Town Hall at 10:00 a.m. (registration is between 9-10.a.m.).

If being an officer isn’t something you’d like to do, there are plenty of other opportunities in the RCDC as a general committee member. You can sign up at the Jan. 9 caucus or call Gwen or Ross, for more information.

Let this be your year to shine with other Democrats, as they work to help make our country shine, by electing more Democrats. This could be one of the most important elections of our lifetime!

By the way, the RCDC also donates time, labor and money to the community–it’s not all about politics. It’s about doing good for the community, state and nation, every way they can!


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