Note from the Chair, Ross O’Donaghue

Rappahannock Democrats and Friends,
Saturday (March 29) we had what can only be described as a very successful brunch with over 90 attendees, considerable donations, a couple of candidates, and an array of delicious breakfast items.

Many thanks to all who gave so freely of their time and expertise:

Alma Viator who organized the whole thing and then was struck down by a bad tooth.  Thanks and we hope you are feeling better.

Gwen Bates who stepped into the breach and filled in the blanks.

Ralph Bates

Linda Dietel

Andy Platt

Hi Soo Heppinstall

Larry Heppinstall

Sharon Kilpatrick

Patrick Alther

Thom Pellikaan

Jim and Liz Blubaugh

Alice Biby

Margi White

Ray Boc

Hank Gorfein

And Smiggy
Forgive me if I have forgotten someone, the support and contributions were overwhelming.



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