I want to thank all the volunteers who worked so hard to make the yard sale a success; the spirit of cooperation and effort is exactly what characterizes our current Democratic Committee:

Jan Makela
Andy Platt
Barbara Dennis
Greg Ludlow
Joy Sloan
Bruce Sloan
Larry Heppinstall
Hi Soo Heppinstall
Ray Boc
Patrick Alter
Jed Duvall
Linda Dietel
Jodie Millies
Ralph Bates
Peggy Spillenkothen
Rich Spillenkothen
Darien Reese
Donna Kevis
Averill Ring
Sharon Kilpatrick
Ron Makela
Nol Putnam
Nancy Reeve
Pam Owen
Hal Hunter
Butch Zindel
Marian Bragg
Gwen Bates
Jeanne Kauffman
Alice Bivy
Bud Meyer
Francie Schroder
Hank Gorfein
Chris Bird
Mimi Cantrell
Steph Ridder
Lindsay Sonnett
Jill Duvall
Henry Eastwood
John Burns
Eve Brooks
Fred Schaefer
Thom Pellikan
Jana Froeling
Melissa Schooler
Sally Cunningham
Patty Hardee
Kay Beatty
We took in over $5400 and made a lot of treasure hunters happy.
 –Ross O’Donoghue, RCDC Chair