Thanks from Ross

Many people assisted to make last Sunday’s fundraiser a success, not the least of these were those who contributed the excellent dishes and trays of a variety of foods.¬†More than one attendee asked me who we had cater the dinner. I was proud to tell them it was a voluntary effort.

Please join me in thanking the following:

Gwen Bates who organized the whole thing

Pattly Hardee who also organized the whole thing

Jed Duvall

Barbara Adofhi and Ray Boc

Barbara Dennis

Sharon Kilpatrick

Hi Soo Heppinstall and Larry

Tom Reid

Fran Krebser

Francie Schroeder

Linda Dietel

Jan Makela

Greg and Christie Ludlow

Many others helped along the way in organizing and publicizing the event. Everyone seemed to have a good time, enjoyed the speeches and almost as importantly, we raised $1100 for the use of the Committee.

Ross O’Donoghue, RCDC Chair


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