Teachers vs. CEOs


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    Enter the Pretty Amazing Cover Contest! Behind the Scenes by Fashion Week! Spring (Beauty) Essentials (macmakeupideas)! Lily Collins Spills apt Seventeen! Great Date Ideas! Join Team Seventeen! Keep Up With The Freshman 15! Shay Mitchell’s Prom Photo Album! Summer may only be half over,merely it’s never too early aptbegin inednting your 1st daytime of teach discern You’ll definitely want to impedeout the Fall 2011 Material Girl accumulation created forward the aboriginal MaterialGirl herself (cosmeticsmake), Madonna,plus her daughter Lola. The all modish KellyOsbourne want once afresh be the face of the accumulation starring surrounded the adactivity set among the highest stylish metropolis in the earth New York! Lola plus Kellysat down with Seventeen apt talk aboutthe present accumulation their manner inspiration,plus their fashion obsessions.Seventeen: Who namely theMaterial Girl?Lola: I count aMaterial Girl namely celebrity who is incited to wake up within the a.m. and obtaindressed It’s someone who isn’t afraid apt be what she is whole virtually plus bemodish in the meantime Someone who has her own style,is creative,andcan be herself.17: What are someof your preference chips here?Lola: I love thisverge leather jacket. It’s a mini morsel rocker (macmakeupgames),barely the brink makes it extraboho. Boho is actually production its access behind into fashion You tin dress it with a T-shirt alternatively floral top with cutoff shorts.17: Are you painting inspiration from style icons,music or asset within your life?Lola: Absolutely! Kelly said it anew interview that meantime you admire form you obtain ingenious along anything That’s one of the causes why we selected Kelly for she has such astonishing form She entire looks so wonderful plus put affix I’m inspired by bloggers favor Le Blog de Betty,and I calculate Tavi the Style Rookie namely great ManRepeller is amazing I love her and her entire fancy the trends that women adoreand males detest is impartial aptitude She’s hilarious. Also, the Cobra Snake takes suchexcellent pictures that I paint inspiration from.17: Do you haveanybody form counsel alternatively wealth that you’re trying out right immediately?Lola: Middriffsare a present entity as me, so I’m attempting that out.Kelly Osbourne: If youdon’t feel comfortable showing your abdomen subsequently you tin dress a colored leotardunderneath.Lola: Also,whetheryou’re attempting to work extra retro with the cutoffs next I favor to dress my pink plusblue Puma sneakers. It’s something actually cool for cutoff shorts alternatively rippedpants It’s something I’m attempting out plus it’s actually easy It makes iteffortless to hike approximately surrounded Plus, it’s a nice vary from the biker boot evenhowever I respect the biker boots.KO: I’ve beenwearing a lot of age school African and pearly crowned toe shoes that mesh up thefront. I’ve likewise been dressing a lot of men’s loafers. I calculate they see actuallycute aboard girls. If you dress a actually fancy dress and you don’t lack to look overthe altitude you can put on a couple of ankle socks plus men’s loafers. It looks cuteand funky without attempting likewise hard. Ladies absence to study that fewer namely extra.17: Is there aspecific Material Girl moment that pops into your head?Lola: It adaptapt be when I 1st listened nearly the Material Girl line I was only inquiry ofthat epoch merely immediately that I’ve done the photo shoot with Taylor [Momsen] plus Kelly, it’smatured so much. It’s grown with form my form plus other people’s manner.What do you calculate almost the present Material Girl Collection?Sound off within the comments! 50 Years Ago Today Bob Dylan Premiered Blowin’ [in;among;s How apt Apply Blush Application Tips for Blus

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